Investor RelationsInvestor Relations Policy

IREIT Global Group Pte. Ltd. (the “REIT Manager”), as manager of IREIT Global, is committed to the highest possible standards of communication with investors, analysts, media and the investment community and is committed to communicate in a timely, transparent, consistent, accurate, balanced and comprehensive manner on information such as the investment strategy, distribution policy, capital management and portfolio performance of IREIT Global.

The REIT Manager is also committed to ensure timely, unbiased and transparent disclosures of material information to the public, in accordance to the listing rules and regulations of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”), the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and current best practices. Information is material if its disclosure may affect the price of IREIT Global’s units, or if reasonable investors would want to know the information before buying or selling the units.

  1. General Policy and Principles
    1. This Investor Relations Policy establishes a framework of the processes, principles and practices which ensures proper communication of information to the investment community for current and prospective investors to make well-informed investment decisions.
    2. The REIT Manager complies with all applicable securities laws and regulations and ensure timely, full and accurate disclosure of corporate communication materials.
    3. The REIT Manager seeks to adopt a proactive stance of voluntary supplemental disclosure covering matters considered to have a potential material impact on investment decisions made by current and prospective investors.
    4. All disclosures are submitted to SGX-ST, and are made available on IREIT Global’s corporate website.
    5. This policy is subject to regular reviews by the REIT Manager’s Investor Relations team to ensure an effective channel of communication and to reflect current best practices.
  2. Communication Guidelines
    1. The REIT Manager endeavours to provide clear, fair and balanced disclosure of pertinent information to the unitholders of IREIT Global in a timely, effective and consistent manner.
    2. The REIT Manager ensures that all disclosures are factual, clear and succinct, and contain sufficient information for investors to evaluate the relative importance of IREIT Global’s activities.
    3. The REIT Manager shall explain the consequences or effects of the information on IREIT Global’s future prospects, to the extent possible.
    4. The REIT Manager shall communicate only through designated spokespersons, who will converse with unitholders and respond to inquiries from the media and the public.
    5. Employees who are not authorised spokespersons must not respond under any circumstances to inquiries from the investment community or media, unless specifically authorised by designated spokespersons. Any inquiry received should be directed to the Investor Relations team.
    6. As a guideline, the REIT Manager does not respond to rumours or market speculations. Any rumours will, however, be promptly clarified through announcements via SGXNET in the event where the material information are false or inaccurate, or where material information is deemed to have been leaked.
    7. In determining whether material information is leaked, the REIT Manager shall monitor the unit price of IREIT Global regularly for erratic movements and actively engage various stakeholders to understand the possible reasons for such movements.
    8. The REIT Manager shall make reasonable efforts to bring to the attention of the party, such as the financial editor or broker that has distributed any erroneous published articles or reports.
  3. Investment Community Engagement
    1. The REIT Manager adopts various communication avenues to effectively engage the investment community and media on a regular basis, with an emphasis on timely, accurate, fair and transparent disclosure of information.
    2. In addition to unitholder meetings, the REIT Manager will meet with investors, analysts and media, as well as participate in conference calls, private meetings, roadshows, results briefings, conferences organised by brokerage firms and media luncheons. These platforms enable the management team to communicate and address concerns of the investment community, while understanding their views on IREIT Global.
    3. The REIT Manager is committed to keep all stakeholders informed of its corporate activities and updates on a timely basis, and to treat all unitholders fairly, equitably and consistently.
    4. The REIT Manager shall make available the email address ( and other relevant contact details of the Investor Relations team to encourage communication with the investor community.
  4. Analyst and Investor Meetings
    1. The REIT Manager actively engages analysts and investors through various platforms and welcomes requests by analysts and institutional investors for meetings with the management team for the purpose of helping them to gain a deeper understanding of IREIT Global’s businesses and operating fundamentals. Any discussions at such meetings will be based on publicly available information.
    2. The REIT Manager will not influence the views or recommendations of analysts, brokerage firms and investment banks but may review the reports generated by brokerage firms for factual accuracy of information.
  5. Results Announcements and Reporting
    1. The REIT Manager will make available on SGXNET and IREIT Global’s website, an archive of its quarterly financial statements, press releases and presentation slides.
    2. The REIT Manager may hold an analyst or media briefing for its results announcements if deemed appropriate.
    3. The REIT Manager will refrain from investor meetings and commenting on industry outlook and business and financial performance two weeks and one month before the release of its quarterly and full-year results, respectively.
  6. Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
    1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a platform for the REIT Manager to present its operational and financial performance over the past financial year.
    2. Unitholders are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. A Notice of AGM will be released to all unitholders, including the resolution details and a proxy form.
    3. The REIT Manager will facilitate opportunities for unitholders to participate effectively in and vote at unitholders' meetings and to put forth any questions they may have on the motions to be debated and decided upon.
    4. Unitholders will also be informed of the rules, including voting procedures that govern these general meetings.
    5. Similar to an AGM, unitholders may attend and vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). A copy of the circular, including proposed matters for consideration, will be disseminated to all unitholders. A Notice of EGM will also be announced on SGXNET.
    6. The REIT Manager will publish the minutes of all AGMs and EGMs on IREIT Global’s website as soon as practicable.
  7. Annual Report
    1. The REIT Manager publishes an annual report to enable unitholders and the investment community to obtain a comprehensive and consistent overview of its business strategies, developments and market outlook, as well as operational and financial performance.
    2. A copy of the latest annual report, as well as an archive of the annual reports for prior years, are available on IREIT Global’s website.
  8. IREIT Global’s Corporate Website
    1. The REIT Manager will disclose all publicly available information, including SGXNET announcements, press releases, financial statements, publications, presentation materials and other corporate information on IREIT Global’s corporate website.
    2. IREIT Global's stock fundamentals and trading unit history is made available on the website, which is updated daily at the end of the day.
    3. Unitholders may subscribe to the email alerts to receive updates on announcements released by IREIT Global.
    4. The contact details of the Investor Relations team are made available on the website at All email enquiries directed to the Investor Relations team at are read and followed up as appropriate by designated personnel on a timely basis.
  9. Annual Report
    1. The REIT Manager publishes an annual report to enable unitholders and the investment community to obtain a comprehensive and consistent overview of its business strategies, developments and market outlook, as well as operational and financial performance.
    2. A copy of the latest annual report, as well as an archive of the annual reports for prior years, are available on IREIT Global’s website.